Toms Talks!

 #Its Ok Not To Be Ok 

Toms Talks!

 #Its Ok Not To Be Ok 

#Its Ok Not To Be Ok


Welcome to my Toms Talks business page! Sadly I lost my best friend & brother in October 2015 to suicide. Two years on I had my own battle with depression & suicidal thoughts but I came through the other side. Now Iā€™m delivering my talks explaining how I got through it, social media effects on mental health, ways of fixing your mental health & how I got to where I am today. Join me on my mission to help improve mental health awareness! A percentage of my fee will be donated to @liamjoneslegacy 

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Barnsley College


 Brilliant week so far delivering talks at Barnsley college, great response from the students, interested and engaged! With it been #worldsmentalhealthday today, make an extra effort to ask a mate or loved one if their doing okay! šŸ‘ŒšŸ» #itsokaytonotbeokay #itsokaytotalk  

Happy Cafe Penistone



We just want to say a huge thank you to Tom Dickinson for coming along last night and sharing his story about the tragic loss of his brother Liam and his own journey to mental wellbeing.


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Lisa at PwC


"Tom joined us at our office as part of our activities to recognise World Mental Health Day in October.
This year's theme of the day was Suicide Awareness and Prevention and it was important to us that in our event we addressed this issue which of course is something that is still very hard to talk about for many people.
Tom spoke really eloquently and clearly about what it's like to lose a loved one to suicide and he really engaged with our audience and made it easier for us to talk about this difficult subject .
We took a lot away from his experiences and how reaching out for help and support can make all the difference when someone is struggling.
Thanks Tom !" 

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What people thought of the talk...

Sheffield Girls'


 Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for coming into our school today and delivering your session. Every single Y12 student I spoke to today could not have spoken more highly of you and your assembly. 

They were so enthusiastic - here are some comments - 'Heartfelt, Sincere, Funny, Connected with us, Best assembly ever, Best speaker ever, Good looking.' Staff too were very complimentary and said that you were charming, relatable and that your story was moving. They could clearly see that you engaged with the students on a different level.

When I asked the students what message did they take away from the assembly there was a range of responses including - 'Talk to people, Sometimes counselling doesn't work and that's okay, Don't believe everything online, Believe in yourself.'

King Ecgbert


 Dear Tom,

We were delighted to host Tom for his incredibly powerful talk about mental health and particularly about the pressures on young people and media. His very personal message about his brother and his own struggles with mental health hit exactly the right note with our audience.

His bravery and character really shine through. His talk was engaging and the feedback was extremely positive. Tom is approachable and a real role model to younger students. His message of its good to talk is powerful and meaningful and I could not recommend him highly enough.

Rebecca McCairns

Director of Sixth Form

Dixons Kings


 Dear Tom,

Thanks so much for coming in to our school today and delivering your 'Toms Talks' to years 7, 8, 9 and 10. The engagement from students and their participation from the Q&A at the end of each session was amazing to witness.

You are a relatable young man with a powerful story and can be other young people's role model.

Keep spreading the word and raising awareness that mental health needs. Your story inspires and helps to motivate those who struggle to speak out.

We will gladly welcome you back into the acadmey in the future.


Head of Y9 and teacher of Spanish